Sivick honored with GCCMA Community Program Award

On Wednesday, March 6th, Whitfield County Administrator Robert (Bob) Sivick, was honored at the Georgia City-County Management Association Spring Conference with the 2024 Community Program Award for his efforts in the implementation of the Whitfield-Murray Conasauga Community Addiction Recovery Center (CCARC).

In 2022, the State of Georgia distributed funds from the National Opioid Litigation to local governments across the state. Rather than having these funds sit idle, Sivick led community efforts to provide a path forward for individuals battling addiction. Demonstrating a willingness to solve a problem, he also devoted resources to the families of those suffering from addiction. His acknowledgement that substance use can impact lives both directly and indirectly was catalytic to providing a way to continuously improve services for people in our community.

“The money in itself is not going to do anything, unless it is applied to the problem,” said Sivick. Once the Board of Commissioners gave approval, he championed the project to completion taking the collaborative approach - the Court System, legal staff, and other essential departments were brought together to ensure the project’s success. “It is heartening to be recognized by colleagues managing Georgia’s 159 counties and more than 500 cities. But we have no intention of just accepting our award and accolades and going home – we have reached out to nearby cities and counties and are encouraging them to join our efforts addressing substance abuse before it inflicts far greater damage to our communities,” Sivick added.

To date, the CCARC has served 58 clients on their path to healing. The anonymity of the center has allowed individuals to continue living their daily lives, and provided an outlet for those impacted directly or indirectly to discuss the path moving forward. These services have benefited children, veterans, expecting mothers, and many more.

The CCARC not only meets the needs of the community, but is a prime example of what fearless leadership can accomplish. County Administrator Bob Sivick is not only a leader but a team builder, reaching out to others in our government to work together for the benefit of our residents.