Hiring Process

7-Step Process

The Whitfield County E911 Administration and 911 Hiring Panel complete the hiring process for all applicants. The Hiring Panel is composed of Telecommunicators, Shift Supervisors, and Training Staff, who volunteer their time to assist with hiring new employees. The Hiring Panel reviews each applicant during each step of the hiring process (reviewing applications & resumes, criminal & personal background checks, CritiCall test scores, shift sit-ins, evaluations, & panel interviews), and then makes a recommendation to the 911 Director whether or not to hire the applicant. The 911 Director makes the final decision.

Step 1 - Application Process

Whitfield County 911 screens and selects a percentage of the qualified applicants to test

Step 2 - Applicant Testing

CritiCall® (computer based testing program), CritiCall is software that tests dispatcher, call-taker, and telecommunicatorapplicants in the computer and other job-related skills necessary for today’s complex dispatching environment. Applicants will be tested in the following areas:

  • Keyboarding
  • Data Entry - Click here for Min Scores
  • Decision Making
  • Call Summarization
  • Cross Referencing
  • Character Comparison
  • Memory Recall
  • Prioritization
  • Spelling
Step 3 - Realistic Preview and Background Checks

  • Self Screening
  • References
  • Work History
  • Drug Use
  • Military History
  • Criminal History
  • Drivers History
Step 4 - Shift Sit-In (required 4 hours)

After the applicant is interviewed they are required to sit in for at least 4 hours in the Dispatch Center and observe the Telecommunicators and the type of calls they process and dispatch.

Step 5 - Interview with Hiring Panel

3 Employees with Whitfield County E-911 will question, interview and rate each applicant as the panel interviews them.

Step 6 - Interview with Director

The Director will interview the applicant and make a decision based on the hiring panel recommendation, background checks, testing ability, and polygraph.

Step 7 - Drug Test and Physical Exam
Once the Director makes the decision the applicant must be able to pass a physical examination and a drug test before working for Whitfield County Government.

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