County Extension Office

Description of Services ProvidedAgriculture and Natural Resources
Soil and water testing services provide prompt analyses and recommendations for farmers and homeowners. Analytical services are available for soil, drinking water and pond water through the University of Georgia. Recommendations are provided based on test results. Forage testing allows livestock producers to determine nutritional contents of hays and other feeds and develop feeding plans to meet animal requirements and manage cost of purchased supplements. Master Gardener Extension Volunteers manage local community gardens and provide prompt, personal recommendations about homeowner horticultural questions, making site visits as needed. ANR Agent responds to personal inquiries by farmers, businesses and homeowners to provide diagnosis of pest or fertility problems and provides short-term recommendations to resolve problems and guidance regarding longer term management direction. ANR Agent serves the Dalton Tree Board and municipal land and facility management organizations with analytical services and recommendations and serves on advisory boards for local school systems.

Family and Consumer Science Program Priorities
In Whitfield County we are focused on offering Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP). Program objectives include improving the diet and health of the family, improving practices in food safety, and increasing family ability to manage funds that are associated with food and its benefits.

Whitfield County 4-H
These programs bring Georgia 4-H curricula “hands-on” learning opportunities that reinforce the Georgia Standards of Excellence to the elementary, middle, and high school classrooms. 4-H programs are available to support in the areas of science, financial literacy, healthy living, leadership, career development, and soft skills. After school and in the community, Whitfield County 4-H promotes various local, regional, and state 4-H events. Over 1,400 youth participate annually in Whitfield County 4-H programs.
StaffMeghan Corvin - County Extension Coordinator (CEC)
Lilian Sanchez - 4-H Program Assistant
Whitney Holloway - 4-H Program Assistant
Tori Brown - Administrative Assistant
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