Greater Dalton Metropolitan Planning Organization

greater dalton mpo logo2Mission StatementThe mission of the MPO is to maintain a continuing, comprehensive, and cooperative planning process. Led by two MPO committees, the process is designed to encourage involvement by all interested groups, such as the business community, neighborhood associations, environmental organizations, social service agencies, educational institutions, and the general public. The MPO in coordination with local governments, local transportation agencies, Georgia Department of Transportation, and Federal Highway and Transit Administration conduct the transportation planning process.

About Us

The Greater Dalton Metropolitan Planning Organization (GDMPO) is the intergovernmental transportation planning body for Whitfield County and a portion of western Murray County. The GDMPO conducts the federally mandated transportation planning process for the Greater Dalton Urbanized Area, as identified in the 2010 U.S. Census..
Public ParticipationAn important part of this planning process is the public's participation in developing long term goals and setting short term priorities for the region's transportation system.

We invite you to review the information and plans provided here, and provide us with your thoughts and feedback regarding the transportation issues facing our area.
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Previous Meeting Minutes6 documents

  • June 21, 2022
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  • August 4, 2022
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  • October 27, 2022
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  • January 31, 2023
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  • June 27, 2023
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  • July 27, 2023
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MPO Information6 documents

  • Dalton MPO Planning Boundary
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  • System Performance Report
    document seq 0.00
  • Performance Measure Resolutions
    document seq 0.00
  • Greater Dalton MPO FY 2019 TAM Performance Measures
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  • Nondiscrimination Title VI Program
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  • Greater Dalton MPO PM Targets 2 and 3 2023
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MPO Documents12 documents

  • Policy Committee Bylaws
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  • Tech Coordinating Committee Bylaws
    document seq 2.00
  • Participation Plan
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  • FY 2021-2024 TIP
    document seq 4.00
  • FY 2024-2027 TIP
    document seq 5.00
  • FY 2022 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)
    document seq 6.00
  • FY 2023 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)
    document seq 7.00
  • FY 2024 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)
    document seq 8.00
  • FY 2025 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)
    document seq 9.00
  • 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan
    document seq 10.00
  • FY 2022 Annual Report
    document seq 11.00
  • FY 2023 Authorized Projects
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Meeting Information2 documents

  • Current Meeting Agenda
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  • Latest Meeting Minutes
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Latest News2 documents

  • MPO Meeting Schedule
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  • Our Planning Future
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