Traffic Fines and Court

Traffic Fines and Court Requirements
  • All arrestable offenses (including but not limited to DUI, Suspended License, No License, VGCSA)
  • Offenses which suspend driver's license (including but not limited to hit and run/leaving scene, speeding by over 24 mph by a under 21 driver, Fleeing, Suspended Registration, and Racing)
  • Speeding tickets 100 MPH and faster
  • If you are requesting Nolo Contendre Plea, Driving School, or Community Service
Super Speeder Law
Super Speed Fine is a fine imposed by the State of Georgia and NOT associated with Whitfield County Probate Court

Super Speeder Linmitations:

75 MPH or more on any two lane road, or
85 MPH or more anywhere in Georgia
Defendant will be notified of an additional $200 fine which must be paid to the Department of Driver Services within 120 days or the license will be suspended

Find more information regarding the Super Speeder Law (OCGA §40-6-189) at:
Super Speeder FAQ
Governor's Office of Highway Safety
Contact Information
SHeri Blevins,
Probate Judge

Samantha Splawn,
Chief Clerk

Written Requests Mailed to:
Whitfield County Probate Court
205 N Selvidge Street Suite G
Dalton, GA 30720
(706) 275-7400
(706) 281-1735
Traffic Court Information
  • Court Dates, Contact Probate Court
  • Continuances must be requested in writing and signed by Defendant
  • Failure to Appear will be issued for failure to pay and/or attend Court on your designated arraignment day and will result in a possible suspension of your Georgia driving privileges.
  • Bench Warrants, Contact Probate Court
Fine Payment Methods

  • Cash or Money Order
  • Credit Cards are accepted in office if presented in person with ID
  • Online Payments
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